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About Career Services

We want to connect your classroom efforts with a larger sense of purpose. If it's clear why we do things, then the disciplines of how we go about them on a daily basis will be more readily acquired.

We can help clarify goals, confirm them with testing, counsel toward the appropriate internship, and help you complete your academic journey with job placement in line with your gifts. Whatever you are about to cross, people have done this before.

Assessment and Job Exploration Resources

The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you gain insight into how your interests match with particular jobs. There, you can explore the skills you need to be developing in order to be ready for the jobs that the O*NET market outlook suggests will be available over the course of your career.

With a vision for our big goal, discerning where to start can still be daunting. At CareerOneStop you can map out your contacts, hone your networking skills, and plan for confirmation through informational interviews. You can also explore employers and salaries, and even sketch out a resume to fill in as you add new skills and experiences in college.

Finding Internships

Carving out the time to make internships count toward your career goals can be challenging. As with so much else, Google can help.

You know how to search, say, for marketing internships in Winston-Salem. But did you know Google offers to perform that search FOR you and to send you the results? Having those new emails ready when we are really help on days when it seems like the present is all we can handle.

Logged into the email address you will be using when your mind is in work and school mode, you can search Google for a term like "accounting internships Winston-Salem" and see the search results. You will also see an option at the bottom of the list on the left asking you if you would like Google to send you alerts. When you indicate on the slide switch that you would, Google then helpfully suggests that you can change options with the Alerts tab at the top. This way, you can customize how often you want to get alerts.

Career Planning Timeline


Further Reading

Internships are not only an important first step in our career paths, but can also be instrumental in figuring out paths you don’t want as much as paths you do.

— Lauren Lucitt and Madelyn Merchant, Forbes

91% of surveyed students claimed that connections were the most important factor in landing an internship and 93% reported that that it would be smarter to choose an internship that opened doors vs. one that promised a fat paycheck. Of those who had previous internships, 43% had relied on family connections to land an interview.

— J. Maureen Henderson, Forbes

We stress the importance of gaining experience because it helps you define who you are and what drives you. The process of elimination is crucial to deciphering your true vocation. We can now testify the reward is not in the trivial tasks you must perform daily, it’s the realization that a successful product is built on seemingly trivial tasks.

— Lauren Lucitt and Madelyn Merchant, Forbes