About CU

Carolina University is a Christ-centered University committed to student success.
Focused on providing value for students

About Carolina University

Carolina University is a modern university focused on providing value for students. Although our history dates back over one hundred years, we are not weighed down by history or by legacy practices.

Most universities do things the same way because that's how they have always done it. At Carolina University, we do things differently: we ask what is best for the student. And we structure our educational practices with the singular goal of enabling student success.

That's why our courses are delivered in 7-week sessions allowing students to take one or two courses at a time and why all our courses are available online so that students can study from anywhere, anytime, at their own pace. Whether you are a traditional student or a working professional, Carolina University's academic structure is designed to help you achieve your goals.

It is also why we prioritize early graduation – we want to make sure that all our students complete an undergraduate degree in 4 years. And we don't leave early graduation to chance – our academic timetable and course schedule are set up to make it happen.

We understand that time is money – and we want your money to be invested in your success. Graduating early or on-time, means you can start earning sooner and pursue the career you have always dreamed about. It means less debt and longer life-time earnings.

Most importantly, it is why we keep our tuition fees so low. Thanks to generous donors and smart operations, we are able to give students exceptional value. We do not brag about expensive sports fields or auditoriums that most students don't ever use. Instead, we invest in great teaching and learning. Our faculty is first-rate, and our online learning technology and services are exceptional.

In summary, Carolina University seeks to be a historically-rooted university that thinks in new ways to ensure that its students become the leaders of tomorrow.

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