Scholarships & Aid

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Carolina University works diligently to keep the cost of tuition low and offer opportunities for additional scholarship to our students. Through the gracious giving of many donors and external partnerships CU is committed to keep the cost of attendance to minimum for our students while providing an exceptional Education experience.

Discounts and scholarships are awarded and applied beginning with the term (Fall/Spring/Summer) in which a student is approved and enrolled and are not retroactive. The General Scholarship Rule applies to all scholarships.

Application for all scholarships is available through the Scholarship Portal which is available during the Financial Services application procedure.

Military Aid

Carolina University is grateful to all the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. With profound appreciation, we offer a scholarship to those who wish to further their education through the military’s Tuition Assistance program.

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TTU Perkins Loans

As part of the merger between Tennessee Temple University and Carolina University, the Temple Perkins Portfolio was liquidated.

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