Carolina University is committed to providing a great residential community and an opportunity to meet students from many other states and foreign countries. All main campus students are required to reside on campus until they are two years removed from high school, unless they commute from their parent’s or other relative's permanent address. Living on campus in a student-focused, caring community provides wonderful opportunities for students to get involved in all areas of academic and campus life.

To assist each student while living on campus, Resident Assistants have been carefully selected and trained to serve as role models, peer helpers, and provide information to their residents. Resident Assistants run hall programs to support their residential community and serve as a liaison between the student and the Staff. If necessary, they will write disciplinary reports to help the Deans constructively correct violations of the CU Conduct of Code.

We have staff and security on call 24 hours a day to assist with student needs anytime of the day or night. Resident Assistants assist with nightly incidents ranging from students who do not feel well to opening a door for a student that has forgotten their key.  If a student needs to go to the Doctor, Emergency Room, experiences a roommate conflict, we are there to support and assist. Our door is always open to our students when there are concerns or issues that need positive resolution.

Carolina University has four Residence Halls in close proximity to classes, the cafeteria, administration and the gym. Safety is a major priority and all entrance doors on campus have a swiped key access and each student's room is keyed to provide privacy. Each room is set up for two students and has two Ethernet ports allowing both occupants of a room to connect their personal computer to the campus network. The room and board fee covers the cost of the room and meals during the semester. All items below are included with each room.

Housing policies can be found in the Student Guide.

Dorm room at Carolina University for two students
Dorm room showing closet space and vanity