Technology Services

  • CUNET. Carolina University's secure file and print server network. Using password-protected access, CU provides each student, staff, or faculty member with a secure network account, which may be used for network storage and printing.
  • Email. CU provides each student, staff, and faculty member with a email address. Email access is available from any internet-capable device, using a web interface called My CarolinaU.
  • Google Workspace. Students, staff, and faculty members now have free access to Google Workspace.
  • Office 365. Students, staff, and faculty members now have free access to Microsoft Office 365. You are now able to install Office 365 on up to 5 PCs or Macs, as well as mobile devices, including Apple iOS, and Android.
  • Wireless network access. Wireless access points have been deployed around campus, enabling wireless CUNET and/or internet access throughout the entire campus (including the library, student center, and dormitories).
  • Internet in the dormitories. Each dormitory room has two Ethernet ports allowing both occupants of a room to connect their personal computers to the CUNET.
  • Student Center. The Student Center offers both wireless network access, as well as four computers for CUNET and/or internet access.
  • Network Printing. Network printers are available to staff and faculty throughout the CUNET. Network printers have also been placed in the the Library and Student Center for student use.
  • Student Laptop Bundles. Purchase a business grade laptop for on campus or online class usage. Each computer comes with 2 years of full support while you're attending Carolina University.

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