Williams, Jacquelyn

Adjunct Professor
School of Arts and Sciences
MA in Public History, University of West Florida 2012
BA in Anthropology/Archaeology, University of West Florida 2010


Jacquelyn Williams has a BA in Anthropology/Archaeology and a MA in Public History. Mrs. Williams has been teaching American, European, and World history undergraduate courses for 5 years, both in-person and online.

Mrs. Williams’ most recent research interests include early American history between the 15th and 19th centuries pertaining to Colonial and American relationships with the Spanish, French, British, and Native Americans.

In Mrs. Williams’ courses she strives to bring in information from various disciplines, such as history, anthropology, and archaeology, in order to provide her students with a well-rounded picture of the material she is covering.  She likes to incorporate primary sources, documentaries, power points, and group discussions into her courses to better help her students learn and remember the material.

Williams, Jacquelyn