Strozier, Dr. Tonya

Dissertation Chair
John Wesley School of Leadership
PhD in Psychology, Technology, and Learning from Grand Canyon University 2021


Dr. Tonya Strozier has a proven track record in school turnaround, transformation, and improvement. Her educational leadership experience includes magnet, charter, traditional public, and virtual schools. Dr. Strozier is currently the Director of African American Student Services as well as adjunct faculty at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  

Dr. Strozier obtained her Bachelor of Science in Family Studies from the University of Arizona and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. She also earned a Ph.D. in Psychology, Technology, and Learning from Grand Canyon University.

As an educational consultant and edupreneur, Dr. Strozier has successfully written and launched multiple charter school networks. Through her innovative approach to education, she has garnered multiple federal/state/local grants for schools systems and community organizations. She continues to innovate and disrupt the norm as the founder of No More Failing Schools, a 501c4 organization committed to transforming school leadership and the way in which students learn.

In the community, Dr. Strozier launched the Tucson Alliance of Black School Educators, is a member of the Mayor’s Racial Equity and Justice Advisory Board, peer reviewer for American Educational Research Association (AERA) and an invited scholar at Grand Canyon University’s Reflective Practice Institute.  

Dr. Strozier is also a member of the African American Advisory Board for the Arizona Department of Education.

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