Li, Dr. Xiaojun

Assistant Professor of Business
Patterson School of Business
PhD in Management, Tokyo Metropolitan University 2020
MS in International Management, University College Dublin 2014
BA in International Economics and Trade, Beijing University of Chemical Technology 2013


Dr. Li is a business lecturer at the Patterson School of Business at Carolina University. She graduated with her doctoral degree in Management from Tokyo Metropolitan University. Her main research interests are in the areas of Organizational Behavior, Job Crafting, Work Design, Proactivity, Proactive behavior, Pro-social behavior, work social context, meaningful work, and Personalities (e.g., Big Five Personalities, Proactive Personality).



Li, X-J. & Takao, Y. (2020). Unpacking the predictive effects of social characteristics on job crafting: The moderation role of neuroticism personality. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 28(4), 873–888. 

Li, X-J. & Takao, Y. (2019). Linking extending and reducing job crafting to meaningful work: The moderating role of personality. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, USA.

Li, X-J. & Takao, Y. (2018). The impact of Big Five Personality dimensions on extending and reducing job crafting behaviors. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Japanese Association of Administrative Science, Tokyo, Japan.


Working Papers

Li, X-J. & Takao, Y. (2022). [The Internal Relationships between Job Crafting Behaviors]. Preparing submission stage.

Li, X-J. & Takao, Y. (2022). [How does Job Crafting Trigger Creative Behaviors through Psychological Empowerment?]. Preparing submission stage.

Li, X-J. & Takao, Y. (2022). [The Circular Relationship among Job Crafting, Meaningful Work and Individual Needs]. Preparing submission stage.


Research in Progress

Li, X-J. [Pro-social Motivations and Job Crafting Behaviors]. Data collection stage.

Li, X-J. [Pro-social Behaviors and Job Craftings]. Data collection stage.

Li, Dr. Xiaojun