Walker, Ryan

Development Coordinator
Career Development Coordinator
Alumni & Development


Ryan Walker is the Development Coordinator for the Institution and Career Development Center Coordinator at Carolina University. He is passionate about institutional growth and student success, dedicating his efforts to enhancing the university’s image, building key connections, and helping students secure meaningful employment.

Ryan brings a wealth of experience to his roles at CU. Prior to joining the university, he worked extensively with government contracts, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic planning skills. His ability to navigate complex regulatory environments and deliver successful project outcomes has been instrumental in fostering valuable partnerships and advancing institutional objectives.

A proud alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), Ryan graduated with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. His academic background in AI equips him with cutting-edge knowledge and a forward-thinking approach, which he applies to his work in career development and institutional growth.

Ryan’s leadership extends beyond his professional achievements. He is committed to mentoring students, guiding them through their transition from academic life to professional careers. His goal is to ensure that every student at CU is well-prepared to enter the workforce and make a significant impact in their chosen fields.

With his combined expertise in government contracts, leadership, and technology, Ryan brings a unique and valuable perspective to Carolina University. His dedication to excellence and innovation makes him a key asset to the CU community.

Photo of Ryan Walker