Barakka, Dr. Larisza

Assistant Professor of Business
Patterson School of Business
PhD in Economics, Lomonosov State University of Moscow 1990
PhD in Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 2002


Dr. Barakka is an Assistant Professor of Business in the Patterson School of Business at Carolina University. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics from the Lomonosov State University of Moscow in 1990 and received her second Ph.D. degree in Economics from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2002. 

Larisza was born in Ukraine. She received her master’s degree in Economics and Diploma with Honors from the Lomonosov State University of Moscow. After moving to Hungary in 1991, she worked for several big multinational companies at the top management level holding the position of Export Sales Director and being a member of the Board of Directors. Dr. Larisza Barakka has more than 25 years of international trade, general management, and export department leading experience. She also has four years of teaching experience at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology in Moscow, Russia, and Szolnok University in Budapest, Hungary. During her years in higher education, besides teaching International Business and Techniques in Foreign Trade, her main responsibilities included but were not limited to administrating study abroad, international student services and faculty and student exchanges; organizing international research programs and conferences; producing scientific publications with the participation of researchers from different universities and countries.

Larisza Barakka