Carolina University Seal Symbolism

Carolina University Seal

Central Cross

The mission and vision statements both declare that CU is a ‘Christ-centered’ University. All are encouraged to know Christ and follow His example and teachings by loving God, loving others, and living virtuous lives.

Open Book

Signifying both the Holy Bible and the pursuit of education, knowledge, and wisdom, the book speaks to teaching the whole person and graduating leaders who make a difference through effective ministries, successful careers, and abundant lives. 


The state bird of North Carolina honors CU’s founding in Winston-Salem, NC as Piedmont Bible College in 1945.

Palmetto and Crescent

This distinctive emblem from the state flag of South Carolina expresses CU’s heart for both of the Carolinas.


The balanced scale symbolizes integrity, equality, justice, and harmony.

Olive Wreath

From the earliest mentions in history, the olive wreath has represented victory, success, and achievement. Carolina University seeks to graduate men and women who enjoy all three. 


Seven colleges, universities and seminaries merged together that led to the creation of Carolina University in 2020. The oldest member was John Wesley University, founded in 1903. 

Gratiae et Veritatis

This phrase is Latin for “grace and truth” and comes from John 1:17 where the Bible states, “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” Truth is rigid, unyielding, and absolute, but grace is flexible, loving, and compassionate. Jesus is the embodiment of the balance between the two. His example and teachings set very high standards for how to live and treat other people, but He was willing to die for those who fall short. Jesus embodied grace and truth, and his life is the optimum illustration of the balance CU strives to instill across the University family.

Universitas Carolina

This is Latin for Carolina University.


The red, white, blue, and yellow are the exact colors in the flag of North Carolina, and the red, white, and blue are also the exact colors in the United States flag. The South Carolina flag is blue and white. 


The five pointed stars are adopted from the flag of North Carolina.  

Round Shape

The circle symbolizes the globe and CU's international vision and goal to teach all nations.


Tiffany Petitt