Vision 2020 Fund

Since 1945, donations have funded what we do! Buildings, programs, scholarships and most importantly subsidized the day-to-day operations of the school. Donations have promoted good health and the longevity of the school.

Now you can support Carolina University through our ongoing Vision 2020 Fund or Endowment Fund, as well as various capital campaigns and fundraising activities. We truly appreciate your gift of any amount to the various programs at CU.

Thank You

Academic Fund

Over the past few years CU has added several new degree programs, and through the merger with Tennessee Temple, we added a Seminary, School of Leadership and degrees in Sign Language Interpreting. The Board of Trustees recently gave the Administration permission to explore expanding into additional areas like counseling, business, etc. Any new degree programs will be undergirded by Bible classes and a biblical worldview. You can help us create new programs with your gift.

Accreditation Fund

For decades Carolina University has been nationally accredited by either ABHE or TRACS, but we believe we should seek regional accreditation with SACS. This additional accreditation would benefit students in numerous ways and position Carolina University for greater influence. The most significant remaining preparation piece is our financial positioning. Carolina University must demonstrate a level of financial health that indicates strong potential for sustainability. We could really use your help as we prepare.

Athletic Fund

In just two years Carolina University’s Athletic Department has grown from just three sports to nine with plans to add several more over the next couple of years. CU has also moved up to Division I in the NCCAA and now offer athletic scholarship to our athletes. As you can imagine, the growth and development of our athletic department comes at a cost. We urgently need to update our existing athletic facilities, acquire buses or other transportation, secure a variety of equipment, get new uniforms for every sport, fund scholarships, etc. A monetary donation of any size would greatly impact the athletic experience of our 150 student-athletes.

Facilities Fund

With the strong growth in main campus enrollment comes exciting new challenges. We need more classrooms, more residence halls, and more athletic facilities. We also need to update, renovate or retrofit several areas of our existing campus. One example is the completion of residence hall renovations. The first two phases were completed (replaced all windows, installed new HVAC systems, bought new furniture, painted, new carpet etc.) Now, the bathrooms have an urgent need for updated plumbing, better ventilation, and new fixtures. Your financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Foundations Fund

Carolina University stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of universities in the United States that systematically instill anti-Christian worldviews that deny God, mock the Bible, and promote various ungodly lifestyles and philosophies. Since 1945 Carolina University has continued to stand firmly on the Word of God. To this day, we still require a core of Bible courses in every undergraduate degree program.

The politically correct universities that sacrifice truth on the altar of popular opinion have friends and alumni who believe so strongly in them that billion-dollar giving campaigns have become the norm. We are asking those who believe in Carolina University to give generously to the university that is built on the scriptures and exists for the glory of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gifts to this fund will help all areas of the university and will greatly encourage all of us who take this stand knowing that you stand with us and support our mission of training God’s choice servants.

Innovation Fund

In 2005 Spurgeon Baptist Bible College merged with Carolina University and the leaders of both schools believed we could have greater influence together than either could have done alone. They were right! Carolina University used the funds from the sale of the Spurgeon campus in Mulberry, FL to launch the Spurgeon School of Online Education by developing a variety of cutting edge educational innovations and investing in the necessary technology to support those efforts. The results have been far greater than any of us imagined as Carolina University's enrollment has now grown over 250% since that merger, and students have enrolled from some ninety countries and all fifty states. More recently Carolina University developed flipped classes and integrated classrooms to improve education, provide ultimate student flexibility, and make accredited college education affordable.

However, this is not the time to rest on previous innovations or dated technology. Carolina University desires to stay on the cutting edge to serve more students than ever in greater ways than ever. One of many areas we are now discussing is the rapid move toward mobile technology. Most young people in America and other countries access the internet exclusively through mobile devices and Carolina University intends to develop educational delivery systems that will primarily utilize smartphones and tablets. All of these high tech innovations will require funding. Will you help us?

International Fund

In recent years Carolina University has begun doing institutionally what many of our alumni have done individually. Carolina University has graduated choice servants of our Lord who have carried the gospel to the very ends of the earth. They serve on every inhabited continent and the full extent of their impact on eternity will only be fully comprehended in heaven. Because of their international impact, our slogan for years was: “The sun never sets on the influence of Piedmont Bible College.”

Fifteen years ago Carolina University established a branch campus in Alexandria, Egypt and translated an entire Master’s degree into Arabic. Dozens of key leaders earned their degrees and have made significant impact across Egypt and the Middle East. A second branch campus was established in Bangladesh offering a Bachelor’s degree and CU faculty continue to travel there on a regular basis to teach key leaders who have planted churches across the country. Next, we translated an entire Master’s degree into Spanish that is available online with students having enrolled from across Latin America. We are now preparing to translate a Master’s degree into Portuguese that will be available to students across Brazil and the Portuguese speaking world.

Recently, Dr. Petitt hosted several house church pastors at a meal in Shanghai, China. Some had traveled up to fourteen hours to join our CU team for the evening meal and hear about our vision of offering online degrees in Chinese. They literally applauded when they heard that all of our (CU) previous international experience was in preparation for China, one of the greatest gospel opportunities in the history of Christianity. Our goal is to be officially licensed in China which is easier said than done. Please pray.

Another incredible opportunity is India. Several influential leaders have approached Carolina University requesting collaboration to provide the highest levels of training for key Christian leaders and train those who will train thousands. Over one third of the world’s population live in India and China and we believe Carolina University is uniquely poised to have a significant impact in both. Please pray for us in this amazing opportunity and help us by sending a generous gift and/or begin monthly ongoing support to help us accomplish these worthwhile international endeavors.

Scholarship Fund

Each year Carolina University awards over $1 million in institutional scholarships. This is not government funding, imaginary money, or an accounting trick. This is real money donated by real people that enables us to assist real students who have real needs. Every year we raise the $1 million and could really use your help as we are now serving more students than ever before. Please help us remain a low cost provider with your generous gift.

Vision Fund

This fund is for those who simply want to tangibly express their support of Carolina University's compelling vision. Our goal is to raise $10 million by the year 2020. However, please know that the huge unprecedented opportunities are immediate and require your financial help right now. Will you help us?