Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Details (2023-2024)

Item Amount
Tuition Full-Time (per semester) 6,700.00 
Tuition Part-Time (per credit hour for those enrolled in less than 12 credits) 475.00 
Tuition in excess of 15 credits (per credit hour) 380.00 
Student Service Fee - Full-time 975.00 
Student Service Fee - Part-time 650.00 
Enrollment Fee (one-time, non-refundable) 200.00 
Room and Board (per semester, fall and spring) 6,200.00 
Room and Board (per semester, summer) 3,500.00 
Commuter Meal Plan (per semester, including sales tax) 700.00 

Other Potential Fees and Charges

Item Amount
Adding, Dropping, or Withdrawing From a Course (after the drop/add period) 300.00 
Annual Parking Pass 150.00 
Course Challenge Fee 150.00 
Graduation Fee 150.00 
International Student Fee (main campus F-1 students only)  750.00 
Academic Resource Fee (per semester - all programs) 125.00 
Library Fee (per semester - all programs) 75.00 
Buidling Fee (per semester - resident and commuter students) 75.00 
Health Services Fee (per semester - resident students) 50.00 
Technology Fee (per semester - online students) 100.00 
Lab Fee (per course, as required for certain courses) 50.00 
Prior Learning Portfolio Assessment Fee (per credit hour) 150.00 
Deaf Mentoring Fee (per semester - Deaf Studies only) 450.00 
Student Teaching Fee (EE422, MS422, PE422, EN422, EC212)
(Additional fees apply for teaching sites not within 20 miles of campus)
Transcripts (per transcript) 10.00 

Note: All charges are subject to change and presented in US Dollars.