Hawthorne, Dr. Julia

Adjunct Professor
John Wesley School of Leadership
PhD in Organizational Management, Carolina University 2023
MS in Information Science, Penn State University 2011
BS in Economics, Cabrini University 1997


Dr. Julia Hawthorne resides outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a Sr. IT Project Manager for Bentley Systems, a software infrastructure firm. Dr. Hawthorne started her career in IT, specializing in the Banking industry. She was VP and Director of Operations at a Banking Consulting firm. Dr. Hawthorne successfully managed the technical implementation of various client projects across multiple locations. Among her many responsibilities, Dr. Hawthorne excelled as a Relationship Manager among stakeholders to provide project definition, process leadership, issue resolution, and risk mitigation. Dr. Hawthorne now works in the software infrastructure industry, providing leadership for project teams, planning, executing, and closing software development projects. Dr. Hawthorne shines at building and motivating team members to meet project goals by reducing conflict and upholding the standards of integrity, value, and fairness.

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