Gross, Dr. Raushan

Adjunct Professor
Patterson School of Business
PhD in Business and Organizational Leadership, Regent University 2016
MBA in Business administration, Pfeiffer University 2009
BS in Business Administration, Campbell University 2007


Dr. Gross is an adjunct professor of business management. Gross graduated from Campbell University with a business degree, Pfeiffer University with an MBA, and received his PhD in Business and Organizational Leadership from Regent University. His works include Basic Entrepreneurship, Management and Strategy, The Inspiring Life and Beneficial Impact of Entrepreneurs, In Pursuit of an Entrepreneurial Culture, and Emerging Institutions of Entrepreneurship. Gross has also authored and co-authored textbook chapters: The Entrepreneur as the Servant Leader of Markets and Beyond, Global Leadership as a Driver of Entrepreneurship: A Cultural Group Market Perspective, and Leadership Style Differences Between North American and Indian Immigrants: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Analysis. His newest book project is titled AI, Man & Economy.

Gross’s research interests include topics ranging from entrepreneurship, cultures and their technological histories, free markets, global economies, markets and competition, AI and marketplaces, and the role of technology in market coordination. 

Dr. Gross entered the corporate world in mostly management roles. Gross held positions in bank management, fuels analysis and pricing, logistics and procurement, government finance, and multiunit retail management. Aside from his corporate experiences, Dr. Gross's entrepreneurial ventures allowed him to learn the business of several industries and travel across the United States. Later in life, Dr. Gross traveled nationally and internationally. While on travel, he studied how cultures affect market societies and the influences of institutions of various economies on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership.

Dr. Raushan Gross teaches various topics in the classroom, including management and marketing, entrepreneurship, global economy, international business, and business strategy. His research interests include the study of entrepreneurship, economic sociology, Austrian Economics, management and business history, and the history of social thought.

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