Cost of Attendance Budgets

Your Cost of Attendance (COA) budget includes an estimate of direct (e.g. tuition and fees) and indirect (e.g. transportation, books) costs you may want to budget for while attending Carolina University for the upcoming academic year. The COA budget is designed to help you prepare for the cost of attending the university. Your actual costs will vary depending on the type of housing option you select, the amount you spend on personal/miscellaneous items, transportation, etc. The COA budget also sets the limit for the total amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive for the academic year. There are situations which allow for a COA budget to be increased; please contact the Office of Financial Aid to request a COA budget increase.

Please see below for your COA budget based on your enrollment type. All undergraduate and graduate COA budgets include Fall and Spring semesters only. The Doctoral (PhD) COA budgets include Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The items in bold are direct costs that are expected to be charged to a student's account per year based on the enrollment type.



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