New Initiatives

Faculty Enhancement

Carolina University is hiring highly qualified faculty for its many new programs. All faculty are properly credentialed to teach in their respective programs, and most have earned PhDs in their fields. These faculty, who bring strong research training and discipline expertise, will teach rigorous, engaging classes that will prepare students for the next level of learning.

SACSOC Accreditation Planning

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness began the application for SACSCOC Accreditation in the spring of 2020. Regional accreditation will provide greater opportunities for our students who desire to pursue further education after completing their studies at CU.

End-of-Semester Academic Reviews

A new academic review process, built by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, allows school faculty to evaluate each course at the end of the semester.  Faculty meet with their dean and view a dashboard that shows program objectives, course objectives, course evaluation responses, and student grades.  The faculty then identify the strengths and challenges of each course.  This process allows for the continuous improvement of learning opportunities.

Performance Review Process

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has successfully launched a comprehensive performance review system to strategically track each employee's performance against the strategic plan. The system allows faculty and staff to select areas from the strategic plan that they will help complete and then describe how they will take action steps towards that goal.

CarolinaU App

Carolina University deployed a learning-centric app in the fall of 2020 that assists students in all areas of their education. With this app, students are able to access course assignments, grades, and schedules with just a few taps. Additionally, the app will remind students about events on campus and help keep them in touch with faculty members.