Whitehurst, April

Assistant Professor of Education
Moore School of Education
Deeds Hall D320
PhD Special Education, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro 2019
MAEd in Special Education, Western Carolina University 2014
BA in Elementary Education, Wake Forest University 1992


April Whitehurst researches literacy for students with disabilities, focusing on using technology to support writing and the attainment of 21st century skills. She is passionate about improving the educational experiences of all students, especially those who struggle to learn in traditional classrooms. April has experience teaching students with and without disabilities in the general education classroom, in the special education classroom, and as an individual tutor targeting reading and writing skills. In addition, she teaches undergraduate and master’s level pre-service and in-service teachers, preparing them to provide effective instruction for all students. Her research involves qualitative and mixed methods studies that showcase the lived experience and voices of students with disabilities and their teachers, while highlighting effective teaching strategies. April grew up in the mountains of NC but has lived in the Piedmont since coming to the area as a college student. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Sam, and college age sons, Quay and Chase. In her free time, she loves hiking in our beautiful NC mountains and gardening in her backyard.


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National Presentations

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Local and State Presentations

Whitehurst, A. (February, 2020). Empowering Students to Write through Understanding the Writing Process. Lecture Presentation at NC Conference for Exceptional Children, Greensboro, NC

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Whitehurst, April