Stanfield, Chastity

Library Director
George M. Manuel Library


Greetings my name is Chastity Stanfield, and I come from an extensive career in librarianship. Here at Carolina University I am the Library Director of Manuel Library. In the position of Library Director at Carolina University I plan to form productive relationships with students, staff as well as professors to achieve a cohesive atmosphere between on campus and online students and professors. I plan to do this by offering on campus students the opportunity to work, relax, and do online course work in the library. For professors and staff the library will be a place that is open to them for meetings, one on one student mentoring, and housing of reference materials for their classes. I plan to expand the Manuel Library collection physically as well as digitally by offering more books that are in line with the more diverse courses and disciplines being offered at Carolina University. My background in librarianship starts with me obtaining my Bachelor's of Arts degree in History and Political Science at Winston Salem State University in 1998, I went back to school after a long break and in 2014 I received my Master's Degree in Library Science from North Carolina Central University. I have had a 10 year career in Health Care, then transitioned into an 8 year career in librarianship. My experience in librarianship expands from public school, to the public library systems of Durham County as well as Forsyth County where I held the position of a Library Branch Manager. I always had a love for the university library side of librarianship. The university side of librarianship gives me a chance to work with college students who are ready to dig deep and research and use their library for its intended purpose and beyond.

Personally I have been married for 19 years to my husband and I have a 19 year old son who will be joining the U.S. Coast Guard. I also have 2 adopted sons that are 15 and 12, who attend school in Winston Salem. I love dogs, so I rescue and foster pit bulls. I have a german shorthaired pointer who is my fur baby. I relocated to Winston Salem from Burlington, NC where I am a native. I have lived in Washington D.C. and Maryland, where I worked for the U.S. Department of Education for 4 years. I like to read, bake, travel, and watch movies. I am happy to be a part of the Carolina University family. Thank you.  

chastity stanfield