Sparks, Dr. James

Distinguished Professor of Health Sciences
School of Arts and Sciences
PhD in Biology and Biochemistry, University of Tennessee
BS in Zoology and Chemistry, University of Tennessee


Dr. Sparks is a Distinguished Professor of Health Sciences at Carolina University.  He is retired from the Corporate Vice Presidency for Innovation post at Franciscan Alliance, Mishawaka, IN, and was previously the first President and CEO of the Franciscan central clinical laboratory, Alverno Clinical Labs.  In his role as Corporate VP, Innovation, he led corporate patient safety, care quality, clinical technology assessment  and best practices performance improvement in support of all 14 hospitals.

His background includes leadership positions in both hospital (University of Tennessee Memorial Research Center and Hospital, Knoxville, TN) and commercial laboratory entities, including Regional Director of laboratories for SmithKline Bio-Science Laboratories (St. Louis, MO and Los Angeles, CA) and Nichols Institute (El Paso TX and San Juan Capistrano, CA) both of which are now part of Quest Laboratories.  He was also Chief Operations Officer and Site Director for Genetic Design, an identity/paternity laboratory based in Greensboro, NC, for which he led the sales process to LabCorp in Burlington, NC.   He is the author or co-author of 28 published scientific articles.

In addition to his current teaching roles, Dr. Sparks is an active healthcare consultant, assisting Franciscan Alliance, Inc, the 14-hospital system for which he worked full-time until 2015, as leader of the clinical Technology Assessment Committee and as innovation consultant.


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Sparks, Dr. James