Raj, Dr. A.N. Joseph

Associate Professor of Engineering
School of Arts and Sciences
PhD in Engineering, University of Warwick 2009
MS in Applied Electronics, Anna University 2005
BS in Electrical Engineering, Madras University 2001


Dr. Raj’s research interests include Deep Learning, signal and image processing, and FPGA implementations. To his credit, he has published more 90 peer reviewed publications, 4 book chapters and has edited a book. He has rich experience in developing imaging algorithms and implementing those designs on reconfigurable hardware. As a Principal/Co-Principal investigator he has received funds from various national and international organizations, such as the Department of Science and Technology India, Guangdong Provincial funds and the Indo-Russian Bilateral funds. Currently he is an Associate Editor of IEEE Access and also serves as the reviewer for many peer reviewed journals including Pattern Recognition, IEEE Transaction on VLSI, Computation Intelligence etc.  

With over 10 years, Dr. Raj has handled lectures for both mandatory and elective courses for Electronics Engineering Undergraduates: handled Digital Signal/ Image Processing, Digital Electronics, Embedded and FPGA based System Design, Robotics and Automation, Control Systems and RTOS; For Masters: delivered lectures on Statistical Signal Processing, VLSI signal processing; and Image Processing and Feature Extraction.


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Palani Thanaraj Krishnan, Alex Noel Joseph Raj, Vijayarajan Rajangam, “Emotion classification from speech signal based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and non-linear features”, Complex and Intelligent Systems (Accepted Feb 2021 SCI - IF 3.79).

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Yusheng Xie, Alex Noel Joseph Raj, Zhendong Hu, Shaohaohan Huang, Zhun Fan, and Miroslav Joler, “A Twofold Look-up Table Architecture for Efficient Approximation of Activation Functions”, IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems 28, no. 12 (2020): 2540-2550  (SCI - IF 2 )

Zhemin Zhuang, Guobao Liu, Wan li Ding, Alex Noel Joseph Raj, Shunmin Qiu, Jingfeng Guo and Ye Yuan, “Cardiac VFM Visualization and Analysis Based on YOLO Deep Learning Model and Modified 2D Continuity Equation”, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics (2020): 101732 (SCI - IF 3.7)

Palani Thanaraj Krishnan, Alex Noel Joseph Raj, Parvathavarthini Balasubramanian  and Yuanzhu Chen, “Schizophrenia Detection using Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition and Entropy Measures from Multichannel EEG Signal”, Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering 40, no. 3 (2020) (SCI - IF 2.15)

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Mahesh, Vijayalakshmi GV, Alex Noel Joseph Raj, and Zhun Fan. "Invariant moments based convolutional neural n): 936etworks for image analysis." International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 10, no. 1 (2017-950 (SCI – IF 2.0)

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Alex Noel Joseph Raj, and Richard C. Staunton. "Video-rate calculation of depth from defocus on a FPGA." Journal of Real-Time Image Processing: 1-12, 2014 [SCI – IF 2.588]

Alex Noel Joseph Raj, R.C. Staunton, “Rational filter design for depth from defocus”, Pattern Recognition, vol.45, pp.198-207, 2012. [SCI – IF 7.1]

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