Park, Dr. Sang Mork

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
School of Arts and Sciences
PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University 2010
ME in Systems Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology 2002
BS in Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force Academy 1990


Dr. Sangmork Park is enthusiastic for education and research in diverse fields of Computer Science. He specializes in Computer Networking, Information Security, Database and Datamining. He also has interests and knowledge background in Machine Learning, Data Analysis/Visualization, and Systems Optimization enough to participate in  research and course development in the area.

Dr. Park continued to develop and enhance his knowledge and skills by participating in numerous workshops and taking on-line courses. He has experiences in Linux server development and management, Web programming and Program development with Python, Java, C/C++ etc.  He currently follows Processing Foundation courses on Javascript based Web programming.

Dr. Park recently moved to academic community from military career. He executed various missions, such as fighter pilot, commander, staff and diplomat, in the military.


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  2. Anticipated Cyber Threats to Military Assets, 2016, ROK-US Defence Analysis Conference, Korea Institute of Defense Analysis, South Korea
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  1. CompTIA Security +
  2. AWS Cloud Practitioner


Park, Sang Mork