Oh, Dr. Hyunjyung

Assistant Professor of Business
Patterson School of Business
PhD in Economics, Washington State University
MS in International Business, Ewha Woman’s University
BA in Christian Studies, Ewha Woman’s University


Dr. Hyunjyung Oh is an assistant professor in the Patterson School of Business at Carolina University. She was previously a researcher at the Presidential Council for Future and Vision (PCFV) in Korea and worked as an analyst for European markets at Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) for several years.

She was educated at Washington State University (Economics, Ph.D.) and worked as a postdoctoral researcher. Her main interests are in the areas of Global Economy, Industrial Organization, Entrepreneurship, Labor Economics, Development Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Statistics and Data Analysis.

Her extensive research experiences include several National Science Foundation (NSF) projects that identify entrepreneurial success and examine the impact of crop diversification strategy on subsistence farmers’ resilience. Also, her teaching specialty covers Business Finance Economics, Money and Banking, Business Decision-Making, Economic Principles, Game Theory, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, and Business Statistics.

Her fundamental goal is to make societies pursue more inclusiveness so that everyone can realize the full potential that God gives his people. She believes that the welfare and adaptability of the less privileged can be improved by the progressive interests of public societies. To obtain more care for communities for the underprivileged, her current research project aims to examine the impact of conditional cash transfers to poor households on their cognitive capacity and labor productivity. 

Her favorite words in Bible is Nehemiah 8:10.

“Send some to those who have nothing prepared.
The joy of the Lord is your strength.”


Selected Professional Reports

"The Directions and Strategies of Korea's Trade and Investment Policy to EU after Korea-EU FTA" (with Yooduck Kang, Cheolwon Lee, Hyunjoo Lee), KIEP Annual Report, 2012. (The Winner of the Best Policy Report Award, $3,500)
"The Economic Recession in Europe and the Emergence of Extreme Right-wing" (with Yooduck Kang), KIEP Regional Economic Focus, Vol. 5. No. 38, September 2011.
"Study on the Ways to Support for Small- and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs)" (with  Cheolwon Lee and Hyunjoo Lee), KIEP Consulting Report, September 2011.
"Discussion on Reform of the Schengen Treaty and Its Prospects" KIEP Regional Economic Focus, Vol. 5. No. 26, June 2011.
"Bailout for Portugal and Prospects for Debt Crisis in Euro Zone" (with Yooduck Kang), KIEP Regional Economic Focus, Vol. 5. No. 17, April 2011.
"Change in Major Countries' Policy on Nuclear Power after the Japanese Nuclear Disaster and Its Implication" (with Heungjong Kim and Yooduck Kang), KIEP Regional Economic Focus, Vol. 5. No. 14, April 2011.
"The Trends of Inflation in the U.K. and Prospects for Its Economic Recovery" (with Yooduck Kang), KIEP Regional Economic Focus, Vol. 5. No. 11, April 2011.

Working Papers

"Peer Effects on Females' Wage Growth," Economic Inquiry, submitted
"The Impact of Gender Identity Assimilation on Household Labor Supply Decision Process" (with Robert Rosenman)
"Crop Diversi cation, Impulsivity, and Resilience in Ethiopia" (with Robert Quinlan and Jonathan Yoder)
"Individual Social Capital and Financial Resilience in Ethiopian Rural Areas" (with Robert Quinlan and Jonathan Yoder)
"The Role of Individual Identities in Household Decision-Making Process" (with Robert Rosenman), SES Working Paper Series, 2017.

Research in Progress

"Medical Debt, Impulsiveness, and Labor Productivity: Evidence from Online Lab Experiment" (with Shanthi Manian)
"Bayesian Approach to Females' Post-schooling Investment Flows"
"Total Working Hours, Identity, and Income Distribution"

Oh, Hyunjyung