Knoll, Dr. Abby

Adjunct Professor
John Wesley School of Leadership
PhD in Experimental Psychology, Central Michigan University 2020
MS in Experimental Psychology, Central Michigan University 2015
BA in Psychology, University of Michigan 2009


Abby Knoll received a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan and a MS and PhD in Experimental Psychology from Central Michigan University. Her research focuses on human memory and cognition.  She is particularly interested in metacognition and student learning, emotion and memory, and how memory and metacognitive processes are affected by neurodegenerative disease. Recently, she examined metacognitive judgments of olfaction in Parkinson’s disease patients. Her teaching interests include introductory psychology, developmental psychology, research methods, human sexuality, and conflict management. Her work has appeared in the British Journal of Psychology and Cognition and Emotion.

Knoll, Abby