Herzog, Nicolle

Assistant Professor of English
International Students Officer
School of Arts and Sciences
International Relations
PhD American Studies, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 2022
MA Mondes anglophones (English Language, Literatures, and Cultures), Université de Tours, France 2017
BA Political Science and French, Bucknell University 2014


Nicolle Herzog is an American Studies and English language specialist whose research is centered on the American Dream, Whiteness, and poverty under Donald Trump's presidency via a qualitative study in two Pennsylvanian counties. Her published research primarily focuses on the overdose crisis unfolding in the United States, remarked since at least 2015 concerning prescribed opioids and, most recently, illicit fentanyl. Other research interests include the history of eugenics movements in the United States, masculinity studies, and public health policy in general. 


A New Jersey transplant raised in Pennsylvania, Herzog participated in Bucknell University's Bucknell en France program in the fall of 2012, which spurred her permanent move to France until November 2021. In Tours, France, Herzog earned her Master's degree and began her doctorate. In Tours and Paris, Herzog taught English to children from pre-K to 8th grade alongside her teaching at the university level. There, in the English and Applied Foreign Languages departments, she taught courses in English phonetics, language certification test preparation, and linguistic/cultural preparation for study abroad. Additionally, she taught American Studies courses, including classes on citizenship and the Texas-Mexico border. Most recently, she taught online sections of English Composition at Sussex County Community College in New Jersey. 

Herzog's work as International Students Officer at Carolina University is informed by her own experience studying and working abroad. With a very personal understanding of the often complicated matrix of administrative, financial, and personal obstacles involved in international education, she is available to both international and American students for assistance with their international projects. 

Outside of work, Herzog can be found throwing around kettlebells—she even received her certification as a kettlebell instructor in 2018. She hopes to become a dog mom in the coming months and looks forward to discovering more of North Carolina. 


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Herzog, Nicolle