Bottoms, Randy

Adjunct Professor of History
Piedmont Divinity School
PhD in Biblical Studies - Theology, Piedmont International University 2012
ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary 1983
ThB, Piedmont Baptist College 1978


Randy G. Bottoms graduated from Carolina University in 1978 with a ThB in Pastoral Administration. He then went immediately to Dallas Theological Seminary, and graduated with a ThM in 1983. He has preached in various churches in NC, West Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan. Dr. Bottoms served as interim pastor of a church in Clemmons, NC.

In 2005, Dr. Bottoms began teaching history at Carolina University online, and on campus also. In 2013, Dr. Bottoms, and his wife, Rebecca, traveled to Chittagong, Bangladesh, and taught the winter session at Bangladesh Theological Seminary. In 2012, Dr. Bottoms graduated from Carolina University and Graduate School with a PhD. Dr. Bottoms is currently teaching on campus at the graduate school of Carolina University, Piedmont Divinity School.

Dr. Bottoms loves teaching, especially history. He feels that it is very important for servants who are training for a ministry to be educated in both world history and church history, in order to have a proper understanding of the Church in the world and how the Church got to its present position.

Dr. Bottoms enjoys golf, fishing, hunting, bird-watching, and nature study. He is married to Rebecca Bottoms and has two adult sons, the oldest who graduated from Carolina University in 2011 is married with two children, and the youngest serves as the manager of the campus student café at Carolina University. Dr. Bottoms loves his two little grandchildren and enjoys spending time with them.

Courses Taught

World History
Church History
Baptist History


Member of the Evangelical Teacher Training Association

Bottoms, Randy