Bae, Dr. Yejun

Assistant Professor of Education
Moore School of Education
Postdoctoral Fellow in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum, University of Missouri-Columbia 2020-2021
PhD in Science Education, University of Iowa at Iowa City 2020
MS in Biology Education, Korea National University of Education 2011
BA in Science Education, Ewha Womans University 2003


Dr. Yejun Bae’s research focuses on designing generative and inclusive learning environments. By utilizing quantitative and qualitative research methods, she has investigated the impact of generative learning environments on science teacher education, students’ perceptual development, and academic achievement gaps. She also has engaged in scholarly activities that presenting research projects at international conferences and serving as an editorial review board member at peer-reviewed journals. Before pursuing the doctoral degree, she has taught science in public schools in South Korea and the United States for twelve years. Based on her multicultural teaching experiences, she grows aware of the value of equity and inclusive practices in science education and implements these practices in teacher education programs. Additionally, she has actively been involved in public engagement. She wrote several children’s books that introduce scientific concepts with friendly tones and drawings and volunteered for teaching science in rural areas in the Philippines and an orphanage school in Kenya.


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International Conference Presentations

Bae, Y., & Ding, CC. (2021, April). A Case Study of a Science Teacher’s Adaptation Strategies to a Pandemic Disruption. Comparative & International Education Society (CIES), Virtual.

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Bae, Y., Weiss, K., Sahin, E., & Fulmer, G. (2017, Aug). Investigating Effective High School Students’ Force and Motion Learning Environments and its Relationship with Epistemological Beliefs. Bi-Annual International Conference of EuropeanScience Education Research Association (ESERA), Dublin, Ireland.

Bae, Yejun